Small Tents

Small Canopy Tent

Small canopy tent with standard side height 2.3m available in 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m. The length is based on 3m bay.

Width: 3m - 6m

Small Walkway Corner Tent

There are two designs for small walkway corner tent, including mini A shape and mini dome shape.The corner is 90°, 3m, 4m and 5m radius are available.

Width: 4m

Small Dome Tent

The small dome tent series, which is in two different roof design, one is A-frame roof style, the other one is dome roof style.

Width: 3m - 8m

Small Event Tent

The clear span width of the small event tent is available in 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 16m, and 18m. All of them with a standard side height of 3.3m.

Width: 8m - 18m

Small Wedding Tent

The small wedding tent is available in 6-12m. The length of the wedding tent has no limit and can be increased or decreased by 5m bay distance.

Width: 6m - 12m

Small Party Tent

The small party tent is our special tent type for small party events. The lightweight aluminum frame, easy to transport and install.

Width: 3m - 12m

We supply a full range of small tents for sale, which can be used for small weddings, parties, festival celebrations, and commercial displays, and so on. The small tent is modular structures, without any central poles, 100% utilized inner space, and can be with decoration roof lining and curtain to make different event surroundings.

Same as the large aluminum frame structures, the small tent can be installed on all kinds of grounds, thus it is more suitable for long-term or temporary application than the steel frame or plastic frame. The polyester textile is with strong UV resistance, wind resistance, and waterproof so that the outdoor events will not be affected by the weather.


We manufacture and sell small tents with good quality and advanced technology, and can customize the tents based on customers’ requirements, such as sizes, logo printing, colors, to make different and attractive outdoor venues. Please contact us and let us know the event capacity and budget, and then we will suggest the most suitable small tent for you.

Small Tent Applications