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Modular Capsule House

Width: 2.3m - 12m

The structure of the modular capsule house follows the aluminum frame and PVC fabric structure. It can be used alone or in multiple rows.


Modular Units

Modular Capsule House is a modular structure product developed by us. It is stylish and simple in shape. You can choose frames and PVC fabric in different colors. Different colors match up with different temperaments, simple in white, steady in black, and passionate in color.

The overall structure of the Modular Capsule House follows the aluminum frame and PVC fabric structure. The double-layer PVC fabric is inflated in the middle, and the overall shape looks round and full, forming a strong three-dimensional box structure. The full range of modular units sizes range from 2.3 meters to 12 meters in width and can be used alone or in multiple rows.

Modular Units Types:

You can custom design the wall color and pattern of the modular units. No matter what the purpose, this kind of high-value architecture and advertising effect can play a better publicity effect for the brand. You can also choose glass walls or PC panels. The whole wall adopts a transparent design, which has great lighting and transparency. If you want to protect privacy, you can also replace it with coated glass. You can choose brown, blue, dark gray, etc.


The unique appearance of the modular units gives people a refreshing feeling. This curious product has always attracted people. If you want a temporary building with a new feel, then this product is right. It can be used for accommodation, brand events, coffee shops, convenience stores, etc.

Modular Capsule House Video

Modular Capsule House Applications