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Electric Push-Pull Roof Structure

Width: 10m - 30m

The frame of the Electric Push-Pull Structure is composed of aluminum alloy

The frame of the Electric Push-Pull Structure is composed of aluminum alloy. It has a large supporting force and strong top diagonal braces, making it firm and stable, not easy to rust, strong to resist high-speed wind. The large area of PVC-coated membrane has strong anti-ultraviolet performance, and the structure composed of the top cross provides good stress conditions for the membrane, making the appearance more beautiful.


In addition, customers can pick the color and style of the PVC membrane according to their own preferences. You can choose camouflage, army green, dark green, yellow, blue, black, etc., and you can also mix a couple of colors. The material is well-selected, and the surface of the PVC membrane can be coated with PVDF. It not only has good waterproof performance but also has the effects of self-cleaning and flame retardant. Even if you use a pure white membrane, you don’t have to worry that it will get dirty after a long time.

In order to be more user-friendly, the sidewalls of the Electric Push-Pull Structure have also been electrically designed, which not only effectively prevent the rainwater from falling down, but also adjusts the position of the sunshade according to the angle of the sun, taking into account the customer’s experience in many aspects.

This product has obtained the national patent, patent number: 202222617675.3

Electric Push-Pull Structure Video