Canopy Tents

Mini Pagoda Tent

Width: 2m - 3m

Holiday Tent

Width: 3m - 15m

Half Dome Tent

Width: 3m - 5m

Pinnacle Marquees

Width: 3m - 6m

Gazebo Canopy Tent

Width: 3m - 6m

Mini Party Tent

Width: 3m - 8m

Australia Party Tent

Width: 4m - 12m

Pagoda Tent

Width: 3m - 12m

Liri Tent’s canopy tents are the first choice for outdoor events as a temporary shelter. We offer various sizes of canopy tents and, custom sizes are available. For the full sizes, we can reach your needs whatever in commercial or party. In additional, the roof cover of our canopy tents is made of waterproof and wind resistant PVC coated polyester textile, which has a longer service life. At the same time, the frameworks of the canopy tents are manufactured by light but hard press extruded aluminum alloy that is stable and durable.

Canopy Tent Applications