Two Story Tents

High Peak Two Story Tent

High peak two story tent is the new innovative design. We used a combination of pagoda tent and two story tent to apply the design.

Width: 15m - 25m

Arcum Two Story Tent

arcum two story tent based is a new design conformed with the structure of two stories. It has no poles in the interior of the tent.

Width: 15m - 25m

Half Dome Two Story Tent

Two story sports event tent is a special type of double decker tent, it's the combination of independent development and customization.

Width: 15m - 25m

Two Story Tent Deck Structure

two story tent deck structure is to separate the original double-decker tent into first and second floors, and they can be used flexibly.

Width: 10m - 30m

Cube Two Story Tent

we increased the space for the banner advertising, which provided our customer with the platform to print Ads on the cube two story tent

Width: 10m - 40m

Double Decker Tent

The double-decker tent originally came from Germany, The product has a good reputation in both China and around the world.

Width: 10m - 20m

Two story tent is also called double-decker tent. Two story tent structure provides the best space saving solution by creating additional floor coverage where space is at a premium and space limited. Two story tent also can create a better viewing space for a special event. Whether in use at a golfing, tennis, horse racing, motorsport or any other type of outdoor events, our innovative and user- friendly Two story tent systems are a sure winner every time. As an event tent manufacturer, we’ve been committed to providing high-quality Two story tent marquees at best prices.

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