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Modular Truss Building

Width: 40m - 100m

This is our latest design: Modular Truss Building Structures. It is an outdoor modular truss system that can be quickly installed.


This is our latest design: Modular Truss Fabric Building Structures. It is an outdoor modular truss system that can be quickly erected and installed. Width varies from 40m to 100m, with no supports in the middle.

Our modular truss building is popularly used for different events, like big exhibitions, theater, concerts, and conferences. As it can be quickly erected and installed, it has been the most popular solution for outdoor events. Size can be different, we can also make customized designs for our clients. Moreover, the modular truss building is much stronger which can withstand heavy event equipment like light system, stage decoration, and sound system.

Compared with the traditional clear span aluminum structure, the height of the modular truss system can be much higher. The side height can be 8m to 15m, ride height can be 27m. The inside height is high enough to put more scaffolding bleachers, so as to accommodate more people. Except for the framework, the fabric is also very important. For our modular truss building, what we used is high-quality PVC fabric, waterproof, flame retardant, and UV resistant.

This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL202130739253.1, ZL202130739252.7

Modular Truss System Features

  • The span width can reach up to 100 meters and the height can reach up to 27 meters.
  • The structure is designed without any center column to provide a whole space with ultimate use.
  • Specifications and PVC cover can be customized.
  • The structure is safe and stable, which can withstand the weight of equipment such as lighting, stage, sound, and so on.
  • The PVC fabric has good anti-UV performance, it can be the long term used in the fields

Modular Truss Building Video