Retractable Tunnels Tent

Width: 2m - 12m


Aluminum Retractable Tunnels

The retractable tunnels tent is suitable for all kinds of high-end restaurants and hotels. You can customize it according to the dimension of the land. Our aluminum frame design is quite different from the traditional galvanized pipe structure. It’s more elegant and durable, and the life span can be over 20 years. The retractable tunnels tent is designed with a dragnet structure, so you can push, pull, and fold easily. Different from the catering gazebo tent, with the bottom guide rail design, it doesn’t occupy too much room when folded and better stability during the usage.

The PVC aluminum retractable tunnels are waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, easily withstand all kinds of bad weather. You can choose four sidewalls closed designs to better ensure privacy. It is also suitable for the outdoor garage to protect the security of the car.

Retractable Tunnels Tent Operation Video