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Retractable Tunnels Tent

Width: 2m - 12m

The retractable tunnels tent can be customized according to the dimension of the land. It is also suitable for the outdoor garag.


Aluminum Retractable Tunnels

The retractable tunnels tent uses aluminum alloy assembly structure with a span of 3 meters to 12 meters, subverting the traditional practice of traditional steel structure/iron structure retractable tents, and creating a new concept of retractable tunnels.

Advantages of retractable tunnels tent

Aluminum alloy assembly design

The retractable tunnels tent adopts a prefabricated design and is made of aluminum alloy as a whole. It can be assembled on site without welding. It is easy to install and disassemble, has a shorter construction period, and it can be used frequently.

Modular PVC canopy design

The cover adopts a unique split design, which not only saves the installation effort, but also makes the maintenance of the cover more convenient in the later period. And it has high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, rainstorm resistance and other effects.

Scissor nylon roller system

Generally, retractable tunnels tents on the market use the iron ring sliding method, which will generate a lot of noise during operation, but Liri’s first scissor nylon roller system reduces friction, reduces noise and is more smooth, even if It is easy to push by two people.

Modular design, infinite extension of length

The width of the retractable tunnels tent is 3M to 12M. Due to the characteristics of the assembled type, its length can be extended or shortened in multiples of 1.5M according to the needs, and the more suitable size can be adjusted anytime and anywhere according to the situation, and the flexibility is better.

Transportation is more convenient

One of the major advantages of the fabricated aluminum alloy structure is that it is small in volume and lighter in weight, which solves the problem of difficult transportation of large structures compared with steel/iron structures.

We can customize the size of tents due to customer needs, and flexibly use them in various places.

What’s more, Retractable Tunnels Tent are temporary buildings and do not require building approval. In addition to being used as industrial storage, logistics transportation and unloading channels, it can also be used in outdoor restaurants, wedding parties, football stadiums, etc., and the color of the tarpaulin can also be customized according to the purpose.

The PVC aluminum retractable tunnels are waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, easily withstand all kinds of bad weather. You can choose four sidewalls closed designs to better ensure privacy. It is also suitable for the outdoor garage to protect the security of the car.

This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL201620172335.6, 202222439455.6

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