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Transparent Dome House

Width: 2.1m - 8.8m

Bubble Tent House

The closest way to nature is to get into nature, which is the original intention of every camper. The Transparent Dome House we designed is the realization of this concept. This fully transparent design makes you feel like there is no gap between you and the world.

Transparent Dome House is available in different sizes, it can connect and combine with each other, full of unlimited design imagination. This 360-degree transparent design can maximize the unique sensory experience it brings to you whether you are on the grassland, the seaside, or the depths of the forest.

In order to give customers a more comfortable experience, Transparent Dome House is built with polycarbonate material, which has high transparency, strong impact resistance, and a wide range of operating temperatures. The material improves both safety and comfort and is well insulated even in snow. In order to ensure the ventilation in the room, we added exhaust fans and windows inside it, and you can also feel the caress of the natural breeze.

To allow customers to enjoy the romance of Transparent Dome House, the top curtains are electronically controlled. With just one touch, you can lie on the bed and enjoy the starry sky without going outside at night, which is comfortable and can avoid mosquito bites. It is undoubtedly a good choice for outdoor camping.

Transparent Dome House Video