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Two Story Tent Deck Structure

Width: 10m - 30m

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What is two story tent deck structure? Simply speaking, deck structure is to separate the original double-decker tent into first and second floors, and they can be used flexibly. If you have bought a single decker tent, the deck structure is the fastest solution to upgrade your tent to become a two-story tent, which helps you solve the problem of insufficient budget, greatly reducing expenditure, while obtaining two kinds of tent systems.

Two story tent deck structure is Liri Tent’s another upgrade product based on the common A shape double-decker tent. Its beauty is another style of beauty, more attractive on the line.

Two story tent deck structure is available in clear span of 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, the length of the tent can be infinitely extended by multiples of 5m, meaning the bay distance is 5m. The side height of the tent can be 9.58m, 10.4m, 11.2m, 12m etc.

The four sides of the deck structure can be mixed assembled by transparent glass walls and white ABS walls. It will be more beautiful after installing the VIP flooring, wave-shaped roof lining and other facilities. The deck structure is suitable for a variety of high-end brand campaigns, sports events VIP reception room, lounge dining area, wedding parties and other events.

Two story tent deck structure can also provide advertising banner for the sport, print sponsors’ logos. It has become one of the most favored and popular temporary buildings for the merchants around the world in recent years.

Two Story Tent Stairs Type

Clear-span Width (m) Side Height(1st floor) Main Profile (mm)
10 4m 300x120x5
15 4m 300x120x5
20 4m 300x120x5
25 4m 300x120x5
30 4m 300x120x5