Double Decker Tent

Width: 10m - 20m

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This product has obtained the national patent, patent number: ZL201520503051.6

The Double Decker structure was designed by Liri Structure in 2012; it created a brand new market in the Chinese structure industry.

The Double Decker originally came from Germany, but now our engineer has designed and produced it in China. The product has a good reputation in both China and around the world.

Double Decker Tent Feature

  • Customized service is available
  • Wind resistant & anti-snow loading
  • Shorter building time
  • Easy to install & dismantle
  • Easy to ship abroad
  • Get 200% usage of the ground
  • Large size banner is available
  • Exterior / interior stairs & corridors
  • Multi-functional
  • Provide a splendid view from the upper level

Clear Span Structure

The double decker frame is also made from a modular system like traditional clear span structure. The length can be extended by 5m bay section without a limit and it is the same as the normal structures. The normal structures have many optional accessories to make it multi-functional. These options include clear roof or wall, stakes, weight plates, silk lining, glass/ABS hard wall and door system, sandwich panel wall, steel panel wall, sliding door, rolling shutter, flooring and guttering system, round ends, front view balcony, stairs, and one bay out the entrance.

Liri Structure double decker is always strong and durable with its 100km/h wind speed resistance. The tents special design for ADDS with curved beams and roof bar tensioning system which helps it to resist higher wind speed and snow loading capacity.

Normally, the double-decker tent has no poles in the interior of the structure which makes it more spacious than another pole tent or steel tent designs. This structure helps it become a place of high class for sports events like golf, horse racing, car racing, and so on.

Double Decker Tent Framework Profile

Double Decker Tent Stairs Type

Double Decker Tent Video

Clear-span Width Side Height(1st floor) Eave Height Top Height
10 m / 32.81 feet 3.35 m / 10.99 feet 6.75 m / 22.15 feet  8.50 m / 27.89 feet
15 m / 49.21 feet 3.35 m / 10.99 feet 6.75 m / 22.15 feet 9.28 m / 30.45 feet
20 m / 65.62 feet 3.35 m / 10.99 feet 6.75 m / 22.15 feet 9.95 m / 32.64 feet
25 m / 82.02 feet 3.35 m / 10.99 feet 6.75 m / 22.15 feet 11 m / 36.09 feet
30 m / 98.43 feet 3.35 m / 10.99 feet 6.75 m / 22.15 feet 11.75 m / 38.55 feet
40 m / 131.23 feet 3.35 m / 10.99 feet 6.75 m / 22.15 feet 13.5 m / 44.29 feet