Cube Structure Tent for Outdoor Exhibition

A high-end and atmospheric exhibition hall is the initial impression of the enterprise and the embodiment of the charm of the operator pattern. Therefore, this is why many enterprises spend a lot of time on atmosphere creation and interior design when building the exhibition hall.

In the past, product showrooms would choose to rent facades. First, they need to be constantly screened in terms of location and area, followed by interior design, local reconstruction, etc., which requires a lot of manpower and costs. And ultimately, it may also be limited by the indoor circuit distribution, so that the site layout can not be better.

In order to solve these problems, Liri Structure launched an assembly thermo cube structure tent, which is designed to create a high-end product exhibition hall for enterprises. It not only upgrades the sense of delicacy on the facade, but also has free design space indoors.

The span of the cube structure tent roof tent is generally 30-60m, which is different from other tents in that its roof is a double-layer inflatable tarpaulin, which has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation and snow load resistance, and can maintain the indoor comfort to the greatest extent in any season.

In the appearance design, large area glass curtain walls are usually used, which can show different colors in the sun. The dazzling sunlight reflected by the glass can not only increase the indoor lighting, but also expand the sense of visual space. The vertical edge of the canopy of the cube structure tent provides a banner advertising space, which can better display the brand image.

The angle between the roof beam and the gable beam is specially designed to be 7 degrees, which makes it look more like a fixed building from the inside and enhances the overall texture. The ground can choose to lay wooden floors to increase the grade of the entire exhibition hall.

As an assembly design, the cube structure tent has no beams and columns shielding inside, so the site can be arranged freely. The toilets, VIP rooms, offices, negotiation areas, exhibition areas, etc. can be arranged according to the needs, and the water and electricity routes can be installed freely. The flexibility is very high, so the design can be implemented to the greatest extent.

Whether it is an auto shop, showroom, sales hall, semi-permanent or temporary building, the cube structure tent is a good choice.

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