Hajj Tent

Pilgrimage Event Tent

Reliable hajj tent guarantees pilgrimage event goes well, we provide the 6 x 9 m special customized tent with 2.6m side height for Pilgrimage event. People can easily move inside of tents. The pilgrimage event tent uses zipper design, no need an extra operation on the installation. On the other side, Our tent has customized Utilized mesh windows which can prevent the mosquito and has very good ventilation function as well. In the meantime, it can also install AC if the weather is hot.

Pilgrimage event is one of an important event of Islam, there are millions of people will attend to this Pilgrimage event every year, each Muslim will have at least one pilgrimage trip in their lifetime.

Our hajj tent can use as temporary outdoor activities or permanent buildings. Besides our normal size tents, we also can offer many different sizes of hajj tents or church meeting tent according to your requirements, such as bathroom, kitchen and etc. It can be used for camping ground. All the hajj tents are made up of fire-resistant PVC fabric, prevent to cause a fire. On the other side, the frames are made up of high-quality aluminum alloy structure, which will not be getting rust after long time use, and it is more durable than the steel frame structures.

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