Event Marquees Rental for Ferrari Challenge

Large Outdoor Event Marquees Rental in Japan

Nowadays, large-scale sports events have globality and rotation. As outdoor temporary structures, outdoor event marquee rental is demountable, extendable, and movable and they are very suitable for long-term projects and short-term projects.

Why many people prefer to rental outdoor event marquee?

Enjoy the best service with the cheapest cost. You can experience indoor space whether domestic or abroad. All of the parts of the tent in Japan for rental are from China. Totally no need to worry about the problem of storage after use.

Twin Ring Motegi Circuit in Japan has over 20 years history since the first match of GP in 1999. Many top competitions held here, and this time Ferrari Challenge perform here. The roar of the engine, and the sound of tires grinding against the ground! Except for attractive racing, another thing is the 15×50 arch tent structure for VIP.

Inside of marquee tent, you can see decoration with Ferrari red which emblems ardor, power, and vitality, also with luxurious glass walls. You can feel the luxury. In addition, we set a terrace for viewing experience out of glass walls.

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