Clear Dome Tent for Car Exhibition & Show

Clear & Transparent Geodesic Dome Tent

The Clear Dome Tent benefits from its innovative shape and transparent design, making it a perfect fit for implementing creative ideas for outdoor commercial events. This time we customized a 15-meter-diameter Clear Dome Tent for a car brand. Where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city inside the tent. At night, the interior lights echo the city scene, creating a fantastic lighting effect that makes it look even more attractive.

15 Meters Diameter

This Clear Geodesic Dome Tent has a diameter of 15 meters and a ceiling height of 6.72 meters. Most lighting systems and audio equipment are compatible with it. There are 176.6 square meters of space inside. The tent without pillars and can accommodate nearly 50 people. We customized half transparent and half white PVC fabric covering layer, the white area arranged for the stage area, and the brand element pattern is projected on the tarp, which makes people feel refreshing. If you want to get a 360-degree panoramic experience and enjoy the magnificent view of the city in the warm and comfortable Dome Tent, you can also customize a fully transparent overlay.

Completed within 8 Hours

The task of setting up this Clear Dome Tent is quite easy. The installation of the tent can be completed within 8 hours. Without damaging the ground, we fix the tent by using the load-bearing plate. The entire tent can be dismantled without damage after the event. The installation of this tent does not require heavy lifting equipment. It can be adapted to the installation requirements of most sites.

The geodesic dome tent size we manufactured has a wide range of applications. Depending on the size, it can be used for weddings, event promotions, restaurants, luxury vacations, etc. We can provide a full range of Clear Dome Tent solutions. Including 3D effect design, sales of a full set of products (dome frame and fabric), and complete packaging, transportation, and installation instructions.

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