Retractable Basketball Court Cover

The reason why more and more people prefer indoor stadiums is that they can avoid heat in summer, the rain in cloudy days, the cold wind in late autumn and the severe cold in winter.

Retractable basketball court cover is more flexible than ordinary indoor basketball courts. It can switch modes with one button. Outdoor mode and indoor mode can be adjusted with more demands.

Retractable basketball court cover is divided into two parts from the middle, which can perform telescopic action. The fabricated steel structure overhead track makes its action more smooth. Only one remote controller is required to complete the switching between the two modes.

You can choose the color of the PVC roof covers and the characteristics of the printing content according to your needs. While meeting the functional needs, you can also achieve brand publicity and be more iconic. Qualified stadiums and gymnasiums need not only sports equipment, but also a comfortable environment and experience.

You can install various equipment in the retractable basketball court cover, such as air conditioner, electronic score board, fresh air system, etc., to increase comfort. We transport the components and accessories to the site for connection and assembly construction. The length can be customized according to the demand, which will not produce excess construction waste and will be installed more quickly and conveniently.

Retractable basketball court cover adopts aluminum alloy frame structure. It is more convenient to transport and has the characteristics of light weight, which is suitable for temporary buildings with large width; The PVC roof covers adopt the split design, which is convenient for installation and future maintenance and replacement.

Different materials are selected to create electric open and close ceilings with different textures. A variety of fabric and wall enclosure systems can be customized. What is more convenient is that the overall structure can be repeatedly disassembled, moved and reused at any time, which is green, environmentally friendly and reduces costs.

We provide blockout, translucent, transparent, colourful, and internal and external dual color PVC covers. The sidewalls can choose transparent PVC sidewalls, PC board panels and aluminum alloy sliding curtain wall. The ceiling and wall can also be fully enclosed to meet the functions of wind and rain protection and heat preservation.

In addition to being used for stadiums and gymnasiums, electric push-pull structure can also be used in industrial storage, production workshops, unloading channels, agricultural planting, flower and tree experiment bases, etc. The 10m-50m span and unlimited length make it suitable for various application sites.

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