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Mixed Tent

Width: 3m - 60m

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Mixed Party Tent

With a modular structure, the mixed tent could combine different types of tents you prefer to create a unique distinctive outlook. The flexible design can be used for different events and it can be more eye-catching.

For example, Polygon Tent with the Round Tent can have a higher internal space. Pagoda tent with frame tent for wedding parties. The mixed tent, with the same specifications as our other tent products. It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy brackets and PVC-coated fabrics.

Waterproof, flame retardant and UV resistant

The prefabricated tent is flexible and you can easily remove it from one place to another, easy transport, as assemble and dismantle. Thousands of tent usually only need a few days to complete the installation.

In addition, expect the combination of exterior styles, we can also customize different accessories, like a transparent tent roof or clear window PVC sidewall around it.

Welcome to contact us if you interested in this product, we could customize the solution accordingly.