20 X 50 Covered Basketball Court

On May 4th, a magical event is kicking off Shanghai. It is true that Shanghai Youth MAGIC3 there-on-three super basketball game, an instant global fashion sport. It is a youth sports brand event with a greater impact and an approach to show youth sportsmanship. Liri Structure fully assists the organizers in creating a 20×50 covered basketball court.

Quickly build

A covered basketball court could be done In less than 36 hours. If not seen it with your own eyes, the speed is too incredible fast to believe it. To someone who knows our temporary buildings structure well that almost all of the components of the entire covered basketball court are prefabricated in advance t the factory, then shipped to the site, they are built as fast as building blocks, saving time.

Safe and comfortable temporary basketball court

With the innovation of material, structure, and color, we have been able to completely create a temporary space that is safe, comfortable, and high-value. The main frame structure consists of a high-strength aluminum alloy tent frame and a PVDF surface-treated knife-spun coated synthetic fiber cloth. Wind and rain resistance is no longer an issue. The surrounding structure is open with better ventilation. All aluminum brackets are painted in orange with a purple tarpaulin, and this young color scheme is completely tailored for this event.

Extremely relocatable

In addition to the speed of construction, we can not only rapidly extend or shorten according to the actual situation of the site, in addition, we can also let it quickly go to another city to use so that the series of events can be freely sited with more possibilities and continuity. In the future, this covered basketball court will go to many places to witness the youthful basketball dreams of young people.

MAGIC3 is a basketball game for teenagers aged 16-18. This romantic purple covered basketball court brings a unique experience to teenagers who love basketball. In this game, in addition to experiencing the fun of the event, more is the harvest of youthful friendship and the release of dreams. Even the former NBA star Caron Butler also came to the scene to lead the Shanghai Middle School International Team and the Shanghai Jiaotong University Middle School team to compete against each other. This is also a moment of the youthful dream for the participating youths.

The Shanghai Sports Bureau awarded the MAGIC3 Shanghai Youth Three-to-Three Super Basketball Tournament Partner for Liri Structure, and we look forward to more meaningful cooperation in the future.

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