When it’s time to rent a tent rental company, it may help to find out several specifics of your event before jumping in to the rental process without delay. Going over much of your needs and concerns together with the company helps to ensure the main one you desire could be the one you’ll expect as soon as your event begins. The following advice will assist you to rent the tent you need for the wedding, party, or corporate event you’re hosting.

party tents
1. What’s weather?

First of all, you’ll wish to check your local forecast. Since ZhuHai LIRI is situated on an escarpment, it’s quite possible your event will discover some precipitation. With that being said, you’ll need to notify your small business that gutters must be installed with all the tents. This will make certain your friends and relatives are dry it doesn’t matter what the end result of the weather.

Most tent rental companies also offer sidewall packages. Sidewalls are covered by foot and are great for staying comfortable through windy conditions. Having an enclosed tent creates a home like atmosphere for virtually any event, which is ideal desired for weddings.

Remember many people settle upon their tent rental beforehand to get it off the beaten track early. This usually doesn’t matter much because you can add whatever you’ll want to your tent when the weather conditions are more predicable.

2. Pick Your Type

This might seem easy to start with, but there are numerous kinds of tents available for all types of events. Each of them vary in price, shape, and size.


Frame Tent

Frame tents are the most famous varieties of tent rentals as they are versatile on all kinds of surfaces. Whether your tent must be placed on grass, sand, or concrete, the frame tent is a great rental for the occasion.

Pole Tent

Although most tents utilize poles for structure, the pole tent gets its name in the tall poles based in the center. This creates high elegant peaks, rendering it a perfect option for a marriage. A drawback of renting a pole tent is that it has to be attached to a grass surface, for the reason that the poles that support the dwelling of the tent inserted deep into the ground.

Clear Span Tent

One of the largest varieties of tent rentals could be the clear span tent. They are generally made out of metal, but because of the size, are till quite heavy. These are popular for extremely large events to carry countless people. The price tag on renting an obvious span tent is very large due to the difficult installation process. Because the tent takes the type of a building, putting it together requires a great deal of man power and heavy machinery like cranes.

3. Look At Your List Of Guests

One of the first question a tent rental specialist will ask you is the place a lot of people you desire your tent to carry. After working out a rough estimate of how much you and your guests, you can do the mathematics after that.

A 20 x 20 tent can deal with 65 people standing, 50 people sitting, and approximately 35 people when utilizing banquet tables. When choosing a tent, it isn’t always required to rent a tent that is certainly 20 x 60 for the 150 person guest list. Some tent rental companies offer connecting 20 x 20 frame tents that can be connected plus a gutter system as needed. These kinds of tents can be used as a number of layouts.

If you think maybe you’re able to choose your tent, visit party Tent Rentals to obtain the tent which fits your occasion and obtain your event started!


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