What tent should I get for an event?

Want to host a unique and memorable wedding ceremony? A tent may be a good choice. With the changes of the times, traditional weddings in the restaurant can no longer meet the needs of newcomers. Now more and more newcomers will choose to build a tent to hold a romantic outdoor wedding.

There may be many people who will ask, what kind of tent do I need to hold a wedding ceremony? Let me give you some suggestions.


Liri can provide wedding tents with various sizes to meet the different needs of customers. For example, a simple 100-person wedding tent would require an area of 200 square meters. If you are not sure how big tents you need for your wedding ceremony, just tell us how many people there be who will attend the wedding. We can plan a proper tent size according to the number of participants.


Which kind of tent will be more proper for a wedding? In general, most newcomers will choose a white wedding tent or clear tent to create a dream wedding place. Meanwhile, Liri can offer a variety of wedding tents such as arc tops, polygons, and geodesic dome to as well. Other kinds of tents are also very popular with newcomers.


Everyone has different ideas for their wedding ceremony, fairy tales, dreams, pink and so on. Liri structures can provide interior facilities such as canopy ceilings, tables and chairs, lighting, air conditioning, and other facilities.

To host a special outdoor wedding ceremony, a Wedding Tent will be a good choice!