Nowadays many people like to make an outdoor wedding. The outdoor wedding will not lack the tent which the place of ceremony.

How to plan an outdoor tent wedding?

The size of the wedding tent should take into account the number of people attending the wedding and budget issues. And also we need to focus on choices of colors, stylish and full of festive. The fabric of the tent we can choose the kind of transparent or non-transparent. In the clear tent, we can see the blue sky and the white clouds as long as it looks up. In the green mountains and clear waters, it reveals the topic of eternal love. Of course, it will absolutely need a decoration in the tent, flowers, the decoration of the lights and the embellishment of the ribbons.

In the meantime, we need to notice the two parts as follow:

1. With good measures. If the wedding will be held on grass. This tent preferably with carpet and wood floor, It is better for the lady. If the wedding will be held in summer, it should be with AC and Ventilation facilities. If you want the wedding to be very luxurious, we suggest you choose the transparent cover and glass wall and etc.

2. Make sure how many people will be attended. There are many kinds of wedding tents, we will choose the size of the tent according to the number of people. We can also tell the manufacturer how many people will you accommodate and they will help you make a solution to you for reference.