Clear Frame Tent

Liri Structure provided a highly personalized clear top frame tent for this Samsung outdoor commercial event. The overall image is concise and highly technological, adding a highlight to the scene.

This clear frame tent uses a black aluminum alloy frame with a fully transparent PVC cover, and the overall appearance is clean and bright. The transparent PVC cover on the top allows people to see the internal environment at a glance from the outside, which shortens the sense of distance in an instant. Black and white is always the most classic combination, and the pure white brand logo is even more eye-catching and atmospheric in this context.

In order to play a greater role in commercial events, the outer walls of both sides of the tent can be used for outdoor advertising displays. As an outdoor advertising sign combined with the clear frame tent, there is nothing more intuitive and convenient than this.

As we all know, with the development of event tents, the overall supporting facilities have gradually matured. From the construction of wooden floors to interior decoration, there are perfect solutions.

The interior environment of the tent is in no way inferior to traditional event venues, and the layout and planning of the site can be done as you like. Especially when night falls, the clear frame tent shows another advantage. When the bright lights radiate from the inside out, it can be noticed from all directions. Each advertising lightbox lights up at the same time, grabbing the attention of passers-by for the first time and realizing its greater value.

Liri Structure carefully plans every commercial activity, only to pursue better results, maximize the interests of customers, and provide more reasonable implementation plans with high-quality design solutions.

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