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Liri Structures jointly created a beach equestrian event by the beach of Qinhuangdao on 11th August, which is another breakthrough after the equestrian events for the International Equestrian Masters in Beijing Bird’s Nest. In order to give all the players and the audience more distinguished experience, Liri Structure built the professional level of the racetrack and viewing area by the beautiful Aranya Beach. A row of neat high peak double-decker tents for audiences and the sea-view tents for horses are particularly spectacular under the night.

White Event Tents On The Beach

It is commendable that this is a large-scale beach equestrian event with seaside stables, horses shower area, sea view auditoriums, double-decker VIP marinas. What’s more, environmentally friendly insulating material is laid as the barrier to avoid horses excreta pollution, which adheres to the principle of environmental protection. LIRI’s perfect equestrian event tents coordinate with the well-developed beach sewage system has provided a professional, environmentally friendly, efficient equestrian events marquees solution, which is a full range of pollution-free, fast recovery after the game, nothing left but a memory.

As the international well-known brands in the mobile construction industry, Liri Structure has never been absent and always fully support in promoting the cause of China’s sports and national fitness. In recent years, LIRI equestrian events tents have been provided a large-scale professional-level mobile event venue for:

  • 2017 Tianjin National Game
  • 2016 Beijing International Equestrian Masters
  • 2015 China Tennis Open
  • 2015 Beijing International IAF World Championship
  • 2011 Shenzhen Universiade
  • 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

Liri Tent has become an international Distinguished Equestrian Events Tent Supplier.

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