Clear Outdoor Party Tent

Summer is the best season for outdoor parties. Parties are generally held in open spaces with a wider area and a more comfortable and quiet surrounding environment. Guests can immerse themselves in the party without being affected by the outside world. In addition to the beauty of the dance, the blue sky and white clouds, as well as the sunrise and sunset are all embellishments that cannot be copied. When night falls, bright fireworks will be lit, making the event more vivid and exciting. However, the weather should be first taken into account for outdoor events. In order to make it perfect and memorable, clear outdoor party tent are the ideal option.

Liri Structure has party tents that are more suitable for outdoor events in response to market demand. Our party tents not only simply shade and block the rain but also have strong flexibility and can adapt to any kind of grounds. The tent size can also be customized according to the site, and the interior design and layout of the tent can be arranged according to customer requirements, providing a comprehensive space solution.

Moreover, party tents are also versatile. With floor system, drainage system, lightning protection system, air conditioning system, fire protection system, stage sound, and lighting system, it’s more suitable for outdoor events and able to meet various needs.

Taking the bad weather into account, the frame of Liri Structure’s party tents is made of aluminum alloy, and its toughness, extrusion resistance, strength, tension, and tensile resistance all meet industry standards, freeing customers from worries.

In terms of appearance, Liri Structure also gives customers a variety of choices. We have three types of PVC fabrics: block-out, translucent, and transparent. Its color and printing pattern can also be customized according to client’s preferences. Plus it has a variety of optional wall systems to create a personalized tent shape, such as tempered glass, ABS wall, sandwich panel wall, PVC fabric, transparent PVC, aluminum composite panel wall, etc.

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