Clear Roof Polygon Tent

Polygon tent with diversity and flexibility, it is a modular design, has lower requirements on the site, and does not require complicated foundation engineering, which can greatly shorten the construction time.

The above project pictures are our clear roof polygon tent. The shape is very distinctive. It is made of black and fully transparent PVC fabrics. It can block the sunlight during the daytime, improve indoor lighting, and integrate with the outdoor environment at night. , and watch the stars inside.

The polygon tent has the same complete functions as the traditional building. You can install lamps, LED screens, and projections according to your preferences. Compared with traditional buildings, it also has higher flexibility. We installed wooden floors in the tent to enhance the texture of the entire interior and then matched with tables and chairs with a unified style to create an outdoor temporary restaurant.

The design of the transparent tarpaulin and the transparent wall of the Clear Roof Polygon tent is a bright spot. During the day, it gives a different feeling, and you can also enjoy the outdoor scenery in the tent. And when night comes, the lights in the tent come on, and the dreamy colors dress it up like a castle, which is more eye-catching. Attract everyone’s attention.

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