Conference Tents

Marquee Tents for Conference Event

Recently, Liri Structure erected multiple conference tents for the Tourism Authority of Thailand on the lawn near the seaside to hold the Tourism Exhibition and the Conference event. Due to the uneven terrain of the lawn itself. We used the method of heightening and fixing to solve the problem that the ground unevenness could not be built.

Marquee tents as a new type of temporary outdoor building, many people will rent them to host outdoor activities. Whether for purchase or rental, the main structure is made up of high-strength aluminum profiles and double-coated PVC fabric. Our products have passed the professional wind test and damage test, which meet the strict European standards, so you can rest assured that they can be used outdoors for short term or long term. If you have some activities that want to be held successfully outdoors, you can also contact us to rent or buy a tent, and we will provide you with a professional outdoor tent service.

We have a variety of conference tent shapes to choose from, and you can choose different tent combinations according to your needs. This conference event uses several aluminum tents type, such as a small event tent and pagoda tent. In addition to styles, conference tents are very convenient to erect, dismantle and transport, and the construction period is short. Therefore, you can move to another place anytime to continue building and using.

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