Drone Hangar

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hangar

The hangar tent series developed by Liri Tent provides the ideal Drone Hangar solution. You can customize different sizes, which can accommodate most types of UAV systems. Drone Hangar can also be used for different functions such as aircraft maintenance workshops, tools, and parts storage, etc.

Our Drone Hangar products are based on aluminum alloy frame structure and fabric outer layer, which can be disassembled and reused. The hangar covers a span of 20-60 meters, and the length can be made according to customer requirements. You can deploy it anywhere in the world as a permanent hangar or semi-permanent hangar. Due to the lightweight feature of the aluminum profile, it is suitable for container transportation and does not require heavy machinery and equipment for installation. The outer layer of high-strength PVC-coated insulating fabric can protect the equipment and personnel in the hangar. In cold areas, you can install an insulation layer inside; Also you can also choose the translucent cover to allow natural light to come inside, which is more cost-effective.

Drone Hangar has resistance and durability similar to traditional buildings and can withstand loads of various weathers. We provide a variety of hangar door system options, and the design of the extra-large gate opening is convenient for large aircraft to enter and exit and park. If you want to know more information about the Drone hangar building, please contact us.

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