Garden Marquee Wedding

Every girl dreams of having a fairytale wedding, which is the most precious memory in their life. With the development of the times and the progress of aesthetics, traditional hotel-style weddings can no longer satisfy their pursuit of romance and individuality. Only outdoor garden weddings can make them feel the natural charm and unique style.

Liri Structure’s wedding marquee is designed to realize girls’ dream weddings. It can be built on any ground, whether it is the seaside, lawn, garden, or even water, you can create your own exclusive venue. As long as there is ample enough space, you can hold a wedding that you want there.

Our wedding marquee adopts a gable roof design, with a span ranging from 3m to 80m, and you can choose the appropriate size according to your needs. Moreover, it is a prefabricated structure, of which assembly is very convenient and fast, and the construction work can be completed in one day. You don’t have to worry about the insufficient schedule of the hotel venue or the high price. You can freely arrange the time, location, and scale to create the most suitable wedding for you.

If you want to have a fantastic wedding venue, a wedding marquee is your best choice. It allows you to freely arrange circuits, lighting, audio, LED screens, and other equipment to create your desired setting. Whether it is the size, height, shape of the stage, or the color and style of the drapery, it can be personalized according to your preferences and themes, to make your dream wedding to be true.

Having a garden marquee wedding can make you feel the warmth and romance of the interior, and also allows you to enjoy the scenery and the sky outside. It uses transparent PVC windows, which can increase lighting and vision, allowing you to see green lawns and blue oceans during the day, and twinkling stars and bright moon at night. In such a wonderful place, you and your lover will gain the blessing and envy of all.

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