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Big Screen Projection VR Dome

Recently, Audi and Liri-structure jointly together created the Immersive Projection Domes. We build a 360° degree immersive Geodesic Dome Tent, so as to allow people to feel the immersive sense of future high technology and the unimaginable sense of space.

This conference used a 25m Immersive Projection Dome. Except for this size, we have different sizes, the biggest one is 60m, which can be used as permanent buildings, like science and technology museums, museums and planetariums. They can also be used for commercial events to meet different needs.

Immersive Projection Domes is a large semi-spherical design that gives people a sense of comfort visually. In order to ensure the performance of stress and safety, we adopt a unique spatial geodesic reticulated shell design and each grid forms a triangular structure to make it more stable.

Immersive Projection Domes is covered with a special projection screen that forms pictures on the dome through holographic projection technology. Using VR glasses to create a real and virtual interlaced sense of sight. With lighting and sound systems, the guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the future high technical world.

Except for the internal projection design, we also have an exterior projection design for the Domes. With the cool lighting projection, it can present a magnificent visual feast at night.
We have different designs for the roof cover, you can choose standard single color PVC fabric, or print logos, images, or words on the roof cover as you like. It is a good advertisement method that has good commercial value.

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