Industrial Exhibition Tent

Industrial Design Exhibition Tent

The theme of International Industrial Design Week is “Design Powers the City of the Future”. The event attracted more than 100 World-renowned design masters from more than 30 countries and regions attended. Change the future with design.

One of the most eye-catching of this design conference is the Industrial exhibition tent provided by Liri structure. It is a modular temporary structure. We adopt the shape of a cube, and the design of a two story tent is 8m high, creating a very large space, which is both simple, elegant and practical. The all-glass wall design is also more suitable for industrial exhibition events.

The change in industrial design has caused more and more manufacturing companies to pay attention to industrialized design. They are changing our lifestyle in a design and innovation way. Various design boutiques on the scene include everything and the design beauty blooms everywhere. The outstanding product is a combination of design, research, and development, production and storage, fully showing the forward-looking directions and future development trends of industrial design such as intelligence, green and innovation.

Liri structure manufacturing has always been known for its rigor, reliability, and ingenuity. The on-site industrial exhibition tents highlight the industrial design, unique innovation, and long-lasting quality.

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