Large Event Marquee Tent

Polygon Dome Tent for Event

We created a technological tent as a venue for this event. This time, the entire space plan needs to address both exhibition and business meeting functions. There must be enough interior space for car display, and there is also a large space to hold business meetings for more than 200 people.

This event is related to the theme of innovative technology, but it is also a business-oriented activity as a whole, so the entire tent is a combination of round tents and polygon top tents. We sprayed a pattern full of technological colors on the fabric. The external design combined with the tent shape made some decorations. The four side doors on both sides were designed with wheels-like patterns. The overall appearance looks like a technological giant car. The tent is very consistent with the theme of this new car event.

At present, many events and conferences pay great attention to privacy. Large event marquees are used to organize events. On the one hand, the privacy of the event is fully guaranteed. But most importantly, the unique polygon dome tent shape makes the event more personal and topical. We provide manufacturing, leasing, and sales of tent, and can quickly complete the construction within a few days. You can choose different structures according to the type of activity, choose to build anywhere, and design and arrange the event venue freely. Use excellent event venues to improve event results.

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