Lunch Tent

Luxury Lunch Tent and Dinner Tents

We could offer safe and efficient temporary structural solutions for lunch tents or dinner tents. Liri Structure structure has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of temporary structures. The products are with national certificates, and could provide different shapes and sizes from 30 people to 3000 people, could be adjusted according to your needs. Lunch tents are modular designs, which mean you could expand or narrow the area, or move to another location. Lunch tents could be quickly installed in anywhere, including lawns and asphalt, to meet different needs:

Comfortable Dining Spaces

Lunch tents are very popular, with the hard-press extruded aluminum alloy frame to resist strong winds, and PVC fabric materials resistant to the sun and rain. They could provide comfortable dining spaces. Lunch tents have no support frame to block the inside area, which is convenient for dividing different functional areas such as dining room, storage, kitchen and office to meet all needs. You could also choose the accessories from us, such as tables, chairs, lighting, hard-insulated walls, sing wing door or double wings doors.

Type of Tents

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