Planetarium Dome

Planetarium & Dome Theater for Sale

Are you interested in building a planetarium? Geodesic Dome Tent from Liri Structure is the workable method for you to build a planetarium. With the unique design, it inspires the student to imagine they are surrounding in the starry sky. It can be used for different simulation teaching systems, such as astronomy, meteorology, geography and so on.

The dome top of our dome planetarium is made of a high tensile steel tube. The minimum diameter is 3 meters, while the maximum one is 60 meters. They can be used with a projection system in different sizes. There is no upright inside so that you can put in chairs and projection equipment anywhere. The fabric is a double layer with high quality. The outer layer is shading and the inlayer is non-reflective. The projection effect is good even in daylight. Meanwhile, our structure can reduce the reflection of sound which is good for the performance of the projection system.

The dome top of the planetarium dome is air free which is strong, durable, light and easy for transportation. It is easy to build such a planetarium dome in school, plaza, and shopping mall, etc. It is not only a planetarium but also a comprehensive cinema.

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