Portable Airplane Hangar

Fabric Airplane Hangars

Compared to traditional reinforced concrete structures, Portable Airplane Hangar is undoubtedly the most convenient product. We can prefabricate Aircraft Hangars in the factory quickly. It adopts a modular clear span structure, which can quickly adapt to any outdoor terrain and weather, and various ground fixing methods. No matter you plan to use it as permanent or temporary, the Portable Airplane Hangar can meet your demands. You can use it for small private jets, helicopter parking, or aircraft maintenance.

Liri Structure has been continuously optimizing the product structure of the hangar tent series, insisting on innovative research and development. At present, we have developed A-Frame and curved roof structure tents. Our tent frame is made of 6061/ T6 aluminum alloy material, double-sided PVC knife scraping coating waterproof fabric material. It is waterproof, flame retardant, and tear-resistant. Such reliable safety factors can meet and ensure long-term outdoor requirements of users safe.

Advantages of Portable Airplane Hangar

  • Modular design can be built and expanded quickly
  • Various fixing methods, unlimited landscape
  • Various types of hangar doors
  • Clearspan, NO pole in middle and 100% use inside space
  • Superior wind and snow loading
  • Frame life up to 30 years
  • Be able to offer a variety of customized services

Liri Portable Airplane Hangar is not any pole in middle and 100% use inside space, which allows the aircraft to enter and leave freely and unhindered. Considering the different types of aircraft, we have 6 types of hangars doors to choose from. Including open-type eyelid door, flexible lifting door, flexible folding door, manual-folding sliding door, laminated electric sliding door, and product-shaped flexible lifting door.

The types of hangar doors adapted to different spans of tents are also different. For special models, we can customize services for them. We will recommend configurations based on the actual situation of hangar tents. We can also equip the hangar with lighting, air-conditioning, exhaust windows, canopy wall insulation, and other supporting facilities according to actual demand.

Type of Tents

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