Temporary Boxing Gym

Outdoor Boxing Gym Building

20x30m Temporary Boxing Gym with 8m height, under cube structure design, adopt transparent glass wall around, which makes the temporary boxing gym perfectly fit into the surrounding atmosphere, like in the open space.

Good Lighting for Daytime

The semi-translucent roof makes the whole venue with good lighting for daytime. At the same time, many air-conditioners are installed, to ensure the temperature no matter it is in the Summer or Winter, providing a comfortable boxing training stage.

For every temporary building structure, Liri installation team spend lots of hard sweat and efforts, same for this temporary boxing gym project. It took only 15 days from confirmation to production, transportation, and construction. At the end of July, the construction period is at the rainy season and constantly high temperature, which brings many difficulties to the project, especially the soft mud after the continuous rainstorm. However, to ensure the quality of this project, Liri Team took the pertinence measures on the site in time to solve various of problems, worked on the site day and night. Finally, Liri finished the installation in 5 days timely.

Type of Tents

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