Temporary or Permanent Car Showroom

I believe everyone is no stranger to car showrooms. Now more and more car dealers use the temporary or permanent structure as car showrooms or workshops.

Car showrooms usually require a very large area, with high requirements for the layout environment. At the same time, it also needs to take into account the needs of getting cars in and out, which is an issue for the traditional buildings. However, if adopt temporary or permanent car showroom, these problems can be easily solved.

Our temporary car showroom adopts cube shape design, with the horizontal glass walls around the sides, it could better display cars and brighten the entire showroom. We especially increase banner advertising space on the tent eave, so that you can use it for brand display or any advertisement display.

The clear span size of car showroom tent is from 20m to 60m, which can adapt to different sizes of exhibition space needs. Different from other products, the rooftop adopts thermo roof design, which enables the pitch of the tent roof to be 7 degrees, that much smaller than the regular tent, attractive appearance while with the same function. The tent roof cover is UV resistant, heat insulation, sound insulation, and constant thermo control, suitable for all seasons.

The floor of the car showroom can be installed with wooden floors to make it more attractive. In addition to displaying cars, furniture can be placed for customers to rest, and it could even install electronic equipment such as coffee machine, TV, air conditioner and so on. Function as the same as a traditional permanent building.

Type of Tents

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