Temporary Warehouse Space

Temporary Warehouse Space and Storage

Generally, warehouse tents are temporary or semi-permanent fixed structures, so they need to meet higher practicality, wind resistance, snow load resistance, and ability to cope with severe weather requirements. In these aspects, Liri’s temporary warehouse structures have superior performance.

Unlimited height

For warehouses with varying needs, the necessary span and height have different specifications. In addition to not limiting the span and length, Liri can also carry out custom designs in height, challenging the conventional practices of 4-5m in the market to create a higher internal space.

Increased stability

The first thing to consider for large warehouses is stability and safety. Liri will choose the appropriate main profile size according to different spans. We will use steel wire ropes to increase wind resistance and snow load resistance. The design of the roof beams and uprights of our Aluminum Truss Structure (ATS) will be used to pursue better results. The wind speed resistance can reach 115m/h, and the snow load resistance can reach 25kg/㎡-120kg/㎡.

High-standard walls

Liri offers a range of options including PVC walls, ABS walls, glass walls, and fireproof rock wool sandwich panel walls. To better cope with different weather factors, we recommend using fireproof rock wool sandwich panel walls. This type of wall has excellent noise-reducing capabilities, particularly in areas with severe weather conditions. It also effectively insulates heat and preserves warmth to maintain a constant indoor temperature.

More comprehensive accessories package

temporary warehouse space typically requires high levels of ventilation. To ensure air circulation, Liri designed ventilation facilities, including industrial fans and windows. To enhance safety, we have equipped the tent with lightning protection and drainage systems. As for doors, there are many options including electric roller shutters, PVC lift doors, folding doors, fire doors, man doors, etc.

Eco-friendly and energy saving

To improve energy efficiency, the roof of our temporary warehouse structure is insulated with double-sided coated glass wool for better heat insulation. You can also combine translucent and block-out PVC fabrics to improve natural lighting in the temporary warehouse, to reduce the need for artificial lights during the day.

Liri Architecture Technology has ample resources and financial support, as well as professional expertise and superior material selection. Over nearly 30 years, we have developed advanced temporary warehouse space. Liri Architecture Technology’s strong brand influence in the industry and branches all over the world make it more convenient to serve customers.

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