Military Hangar Building

Air Force Hangar Design and Construction

In what environment are military aircraft parked, repaired, and maintained? I believe most people have had such curiosity. In fact, there is no certain parking space for military aircraft. If a dedicated space is built as a hangar, the cost is very high if the utilization rate is low. In this case, in order to protect the aircraft from wind, sun, and rain, and to provide a temporary and safe parking area for aircraft, our military hangar building is a good choice. It provides convenient space and also can be disassembled and moved to other places for use, reuse, and better cost saving.

The military hangar building series can provide ideal military hangar solutions. Our products are made of high-quality aluminum alloy frame and light-shielding flame-retardant fabric, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays. Among them, eyelid opening hangar tent is more suitable for military hangars. Compared with other types of hangar tents, its advantages include:

  • Integral frame design
  • Fast construction speed
  • Small transportation volume
  • Strong wind and rain resistance, good sealing and heat insulation performance
  • Fully open door face design, support electric and manual, suitable for aircraft parking with wingspan within 30 meters

Military hangar building is a customized product. We can customize a variety of colors and sizes, and we can also choose different configurations according to the actual needs of users, such as lighting systems, walls, and different types of hangar doors, to enhance the practicality and security of the hangar, convenient for long-term outdoor use.

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