COVID-19 Testing Tents

COVID-19 Testing and Screening Tent

The comfortable COVID-19 Testing Tents which can be built in a short time are the ideal solution. Liri offers good quality aluminum alloy pagoda tent which can realize rapid assembly and large-scale construction on site. The interior of the tent has a wide space to install an air conditioning system, which can improve comfort.

In order to fight against the pandemic quickly, the Liri engineering team set up nearly 100 sets of COVID-19 Testing Tents within 2 hours for virus testing, medical rest, and isolation observation area. If conditions permit, air conditioning systems can be installed around to provide a better working environment for vaccination or nucleic acid detection area. Summer is hot, cloudy, and sunny, providing a comfortable space can reduce people’s anti-epidemic fatigue.

Our COVID-19 Testing Tents can also be used for the waiting area and the tents are without sidewalls, which is not only for sunshade and rainproof but also convenient for people to walk around and has good ventilation. In addition, we provide temporary tents for COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing. You can also install tents in public places or in enterprises for disinfection and virus testing.

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