Hospital Tent

Hospital relief tents built 1-3 days ASAP

The biggest problem caused by the spread of the epidemic is insufficient hospitals. First of all, to solve medical problems and expansion of the hospital. We can prefabricate the aluminum frame in the factory and ship it to the site in advance. You can install it quickly and use it successfully. The virus isolation needs to be far away from residential areas and convenient transportation, and factors such as wastewater discharge should also be considered. Therefore, the construction of the hospital was inconvenient. Liri structure has almost no requirements on the ground and has various fixing methods. If the ground is uneven, cooperate with Liri’s simple scaffold platform to ensure that the ground is even, and the hospital can be built at a faster speed.

Ensure safe places of rest for Medical staff

In times of epidemic, cities need enough hospitals to accommodate patients. Similarly, front-line medical staffs need safe and secure resting places. Quickly assembled disaster relief tent, the internal space can be freely divided into independent gates, and it can also provide a collective rest area. In short, it is urgent to ensure the safety and rest of the medical staff.

Guarantee material storage

For such sudden major public events, storage space is also crucial. It takes a lot of space to safely store medical equipment, material reserves, and food reserves. This will ensure an effective medical order.

Used in any affected area

Due to the convenience and efficiency of production and installation, the assembled hospital tent can be quickly installed in an epidemic area. Time is life. We can fight for more time to win more opportunities for patients.

Where should these hospital tents do after the epidemic has disappeared?

We believe the epidemic is only temporary and will be controlled eventually. When everything goes well, what should these existing holidays do after the epidemic disappear? If you use our hospital tent. You can quickly remove it in place without leaving any traces. And you can restore the environment to its original appearance. This is also a great advantage of the hospital tent.

Liri structure can build a large number of relief tent hospitals according to actual conditions. If you have any requirements, please contact Liri Structure ASAP.

Recently, the prevention and control of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic have been severe. This sudden epidemic has affected all Chinese people. In such days of national disaster, Liri Structure also fulfilled its mission of responsibility, leverage industry advantages and quickly put into battle against the epidemic, to protect epidemic prevention and control.

We don’t want the epidemic to spread and spread again, but we will never fear and underestimate any sudden test. Thanks for the great medical staff who are fighting the front line day and night in times of crisis, and we also pray that the epidemic will end as soon as possible and life gets back to normal as soon as possible.

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