Drive-through Testing Stations

Temporary Drive-through Testing Stations

Liri structures provide triage tents for drive-through testing stations at critical moments. The ability to resist wind and rain of folding tents cannot be compared with these high-strength aluminum alloy tents manufactured by Liri. Our drive-through testing stations can withstand inclement weather. You can also use it to provide a better working environment for staff and make epidemic prevention and inspection work go on more smoothly.

High-strength aluminum alloy Triage Tent

The epidemic spreads across the globe. But the epidemic has not been controlled; the nationwide epidemic prevention work is still in an intensive and orderly way. In the past few days, all-day anti-epidemic inspection points for vehicles have increased rapidly all over the country. Many places have the front-line staff to inspect vehicles and personnel access.

Our engineering construction team completed the drive-through testing stations installation in two hours. Their work efficiency has been appreciated and recognized by customers. Liri structure can quickly provide temporary triage tent for epidemic detection and safety inspection at highway intersections, national and provincial highways and village junctions throughout the country. We have tents in stock and can deliver quickly. Please contact us in time if necessary.

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