How can you judge the quality of tent fabrics as there are different quality of tent fabrics in the tent market?
Tent fabrics main function including the following points:
  1. tensile strength, tear strength
  2. wear degree
  3. anti UV performance
  4. waterproof and breathable
  5. heat resistant, cold resistant and flame retardant properties
  6. self-cleaning performance
  7. closed and shading
Tarpaulin thickness is the main factor affecting the quality of the tarpaulin. Liri structure adopts 850g/sqm and thickness 0.65mm.High heat resistance, cold resistance ability of shading, and fire retardant performance, bright sun tarpaulin has good tensile strength, tear strength, has a good wind resistance ability.
The common PVC coated fabric, the coating thickness is not enough, by weathering, tarpaulin easily aging, soft rubbing or surface wear, coating cracking easily, morrow tent tarpaulin with double-sided thickened acrylic surface treatment, in addition to the base cloth, acrylic coating and PVC coating on a total of 8 layers, increase Strong self-cleaning performance, greatly prolongs the service life of the tarpaulin, let the tent after years of service can ensure the bright and clean as new.
Liri Structure fabric is flame retardant under German standard DIN 4102 B1, M2, CFM. As shown in the picture, liri tent fabric do not continue to burn as soon as it is moved away from the naked flame after 1-2 seconds; The above proves that liri tent fabric has good flame retardant property.
Cheap price-tent factories offer bad quality PVC fabric, it is not flame retardant. As shown in the picture, the PVC fabric continue to burn when it is moved away from the naked flame; It proves that this low price bad quality PVC fabric without any fire retardant property.

Liri Structures PVC fabric has good capability of anti-aging and anti-UV. It does not fade after 4000 hours Xenon lamp irradiated, and has good advantages on soft, anti-UV, anti-aging, coated uniformly,  not easy to get mold and has good self-cleaning properties.


Liri structure PVC fabric will not change color or fade in 5 years.
Cheap price-tent factories always use low price PVC fabric, al these low price PVC fabric do not have self-cleaning and anti-UV, so the fabric is easy to become yellow and fade and even mold.
This cheap PVC fabric can not last long in the outdoor environment and it has a bad effect on the appearance and the quality of the fabric.