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Mini Pagoda Tent

Width: 2m - 3m

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As we all know that hold an outdoor event, the uncertain weather is the headache of the organizers, sunny day is too hot, rainy days get wet. the ordinary tents can not meet the needs of the organizers anymore. The mini pagoda tent has a unique appearance, beautiful lines with simple fashion, environmental protection and conservation, it is the mainstream of modern green building, and has become the choice of most people.

Mini Pagoda Tent adopted high-quality PVC fabric and reinforced aluminum alloy. More important is the mini pagoda tent installation time is short, easy to dismantle can be used repeatedly. Also has the advantage of cost savings, site selection freedom, mobility, indoor space utilization, advanced design, security, and stability. There are many colors for options and can customize the logos. The tent can be equipped with air conditioning, flooring, ceilings, furniture, glass doors, and windows.

Mini Pagoda Tent can be widely used for party events as a rest area, security area, dining area and other functional areas. But also can be used connect together flexibly. It is the more advanced mature products with anti-sun, anti-ultraviolet, and subject to less weather constraints.

Liri Tent is a company with 20 years experiences, exported to many countries and areas, to provide customers with high-quality outdoor tents and comprehensive after-sales service. If you would like to know more about our Mini Party Tent price, cases, please contact with our online customer service.

Mini Pagoda Tent Size:

 Clear span width (m)   Eave height (m)   Ridge height (m)
2 x 2 2.1 3.35
2.5 x 2.5 2.1 3.35
3 x 3 2.1 3.35