Tennis Courts Cover

Indoor Tennis Court Construction

Tennis is getting popular, and there are large numbers of tennis fans. Also many outdoor tennis courts, however, outdoor sports are easily affected by the weather. Are you looking for a more comfortable, lower cost indoor tennis courts cover? Liri Structure creates all-weather tennis courts cover for you.

New Type of Module Structure

The whole structure makes of aluminum alloy frame and waterproof PVC fabric. The tennis courts cover is the modular design, reproducible, movable, environment-friendly, windproof, rainproof, heat insulation and so on. These could demonstrate the professional abilities and advantages of Liri Structure in the sports arena construction, to provide a comfortable training venue protecting the tennis competitions from being affected by any weather.

Professional Tennis Sports Venue

As a professional sports venue, it needs to meet the standard of International Sports Association. Liri tennis courts cover adopts buffer floor and floating floor, which is more durable than ordinary flooring and also prevents the athletes from injuries. The tennis courts cover are also equipped with special explosion-proof sports lights and anti-collision hard nets to extend the service life of the venues and facilities. We could also provide complete facilities and one-stop sports venue solutions, such as competition stands, air conditioning, heating, and lighting equipment, ventilation, fire protection equipment, nets, scorers, referees and so on.

Variety of Structural Options

The standard cover area of the tennis court is no less than 648 square meters, The aluminum alloy tennis courts cover developed by Liri Structure could provide you with a single tennis court ( recommended size 20x40m), double tennis court ( recommended size 40x40m). The tennis courts cover has a variety of structural options, such as A-frame tents, arch tents, geodesic dome tents,  cube tent structure and so on.

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