30×60 Large Party Marquee Rental

30 by 60 white party marquee rentals

Now all parties are almost the same. How do we break this all the same activity mode? The party marquee rental from LIRI has become a breakthrough point.

Liri Structure can provide you good services with a variety of types and wide applicability of party marquee rental, which makes your activities gatherings carried out smoothly. Besides, we can provide you completed package with custom-made tent design, installation as well as dismantle. In the outdoor party site, there is a high-quality temporary resting place, more reflect the distinguished guests on the scene.

This LG display celebration use tents are provided by Liri Structure, it built on the outdoor grass. The tent size is 30×60 with 4m side height. On the right, there are two sets of 16×35 small tents as auxiliary use.

LIRI’s party marquee looks quite noble, elegant and festive on both external shape and interior decoration. We decorate the interior of the tent with beautiful LED lighting. It shines on the white ceiling and red carpet on the roof and the guest seats. Surrounded by a transparent glass wall is also decorated with white curtains and coupled with beautiful chandeliers conference furniture, it is like exposure to the five-star hotel conference hall.

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