The tent frame is the main part of a tent,which plays a key role in constructing a tent. If the tent fabric is human’s skin, the frame is human’s bone.

The hardness of aluminum alloy determines its life time. Liri Structure adopts high-quality hard pressed Aluminum alloy 6061/T6, hardness reaches 15HW. The hardness of aluminum alloy determines its life span.Some cheap-price tent companies offer shoddy products, using 6063/T5 aluminum alloy, hardness of 10 ~ 13HW. Tent aluminum alloy frame will be deformed easily, and cannot reach the wind resistance as designed, as well as shorten the life span of the aluminum frame.

And the thickness of aluminum anodized layer is vital to the aesthetic appearance and anti-rust capability of the tent aluminum frame. Liri Structure provides aluminum alloy frame strictly in accordance with the standard anodized layer thickness≥ 10μm-15μm, which guarantees 20-year practical life span of the aluminum alloy.Cheap-price tent companies use such Aluminum alloy whose anodized layer thickness is less than 10μm, and some even without anodized layer. The performance of such Aluminum alloy is poor, and its life span is short.

As the main connecting part of tent frames,the steel parts are also the keys of the stability of tent structure.Liri Structure adopts steel parts that are all made of high-strength steel Q345. The thickness of each steel component is in accordance with the designed strength, and all the steel components are made of heavy duty steel plates or steel tubes. The steel components are with uniform galvanized treatment on the surface, ensuring more than 20 years’life span.Cheap-price tent companies commonly use steel Q235, and try to reduce cost by using thin steel plates or tubes, which results in that the tent cannot withstand 100 ~ 120km / h wind loading.

Constructing a tent also needs aluminum plug-in connector.Liri Structure has been doing improvement and innovation of our tent system. It is not only with aesthetic appearance, but also with the ability of being anti-rust. The extension frames can be jointed together more precisely with aluminum plug-in connector. And this 15HW aluminum plug-in connector has very good tensile strength.Cheap-price tent companies still adopt iron plug-in connectors because of their small scale. The iron plug-in connector is heavy, leaving big gap between the extension frame, and easy to get rust after long time usage.