The World Athletics Championship is one of the three most influential sport events in the world,and also the biggest individual sports event hosted by International Association of Athletics Federations‎. In 2015,World Athletics Championship will come to China for the first time,and will be held in Bird’s Nest in Beijing. On the occasion,there will be 2500 international track and field top superstar cluster to China to open a Match-up,total 45 athletics will be splendidly performed.

It is only one month left till 2015 World Athletics Championships. As the nominated tent supplier,Liri Structure will meet you at the location of the World Athletics Championship. And this is one more time that Liri offers assistance to giant international top events,after the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games,2011 Shenzhen Universiade,China Open 2014,2015 PGA(Professional Golf Association). Liri will continue to support the development of various kinds of events.

As the tents supplier of high-end events, Liri will provide multiple standard sport tents and logistics security services for this Championship,such as events security,vehicles security,television relay service area and so on. Liri structures are contributed to the success of this grand event.
2015 World Athletics Championship, let’s wait and see what happens.