Company News

28Jul 2017
Wishes and blessings for LIRI TENT 20th Anniversary (3)

A man must have a dream, and luck meets hard work, if happens with the special offer from Liri Tent. This year it is the 20th Anniversary of Liri Tent, and we decided to do something to celebrate. One is to make a wish wall in office and encourage each employee to write down their […]

21Jun 2017
Unite and forge ahead for 20 years (9)

One person pick firewood is not enough, but many people pick firewood will make the fire burn high. One can burden little, but many people will move thousands of mountains. A line is easy to break, 10,000 lines can pull the ship. Liri tents is a small workshop in 1997 year, and nowit is a […]

25May 2017
Keep Going and Never Stop, Liri Tent 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago, an originator of Liri Tent as pioneer made unremitting efforts to create China tent industry development. LIRI started by a small team with only several people to a big group with nearly 500 employees nowadays. Instead of the old small factory, now our manufacturing base is over 120,000 square meters. The ship […]

10May 2017
LIRI Tent Spring Company Tour

In order to promote team spirit in such wonderful springtime, Zhuhai LIRI Tent organized three days trip in Yan Shuo of Guilin for office staffs. LIRI Company hopes to cultivate liriers and enrich spare time. Leaders of LIRI highly regarded this annual event. From the selection of tourist routes, schedule to group leaders choice, we […]

21Apr 2017
Formula 1 event tent for sale (5)

At present, F1 has been hosted in China for 14 years when it was founded in Jiading, Shanghai, China. Compared with F1 in Europe’s long history, the development of F1 is the high peak in China. F1 is an annual series of the highest ranking venue racing competitions organized by the International Motor Sports Association(FIA), […]

13Apr 2017
Arcum Tent

“Encouraging enterprises to adopt custom-tailored and flexible production processes and to foster the craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best, the product types are increased, the quality is improved and the brand is established .” The “spirit of the craftman” has been written into the goverment work report, it will drive China from a manufacturer […]

07Mar 2017
Here we go Bali trip of the excellent staff of LIRI TENT

Recently, the company organized a wonderful trip to the beautiful island of Bali for those excellent staff of 2015, it was an unforgettable six-day vacation in this tropical island. During the tour, we visited the four most prominent beach resort area in Bali, including: Kuta Kuta, Sanur Sanur, Nusa Dua Nusa Dua, Jimbaran Jimbaran beach […]

07Mar 2017
LIRI TENT supports the PGA Puerto Rico Open

The 2016 Professional Golfers’ Association of America(PGA TOUR) Puerto Rico Open was finished on March 28th. 26-year-old American star Tony – Funuo won the individual’s first PGA Tour title with three extra hole,. As the exclusive tent supplier of the PGA Puerto Rico Open, LIRI TENT provided lots of tents for this event, including spectator […]

07Mar 2017
Angelic Voices Boao music BBS came to the end in Liri Tent

Hainan Province, March 2016,are bound to international focus. From March 23th to 24th 2016,politicians and elites from different countries came in Boao music BBS which is a great breakthrough after 15 years,this is the first time music BBS became one of theme activities.Nowaday,Boao music BBS is hold in Lingshui Agile Clear Water Bay. Domestic super […]

07Mar 2017
Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Ended with Success

2016 Pan Delta Super Racing Festival (Spring Race) was ended on March 20. Exotic Melaka Cultural Festival, exciting Red Bull Drifting Battle, magnificent Circuit Hero series as well as amazing Superbike, rare Asian Formula Renault Contest and so on. The site of Pan Delta Spring Race leaved fans countless happy memories and full of expectations […]