Hainan Province, March 2016,are bound to international focus. From March 23th to 24th 2016,politicians and elites from different countries came in Boao music BBS which is a great breakthrough after 15 years,this is the first time music BBS became one of theme activities.Nowaday,Boao music BBS is hold in Lingshui Agile Clear Water Bay.

Domestic super star show up and make a great team in Boao music BBS.

On March 23th, Domestic super star show up, and more than 100 mainstream media came here,in order to witness the start of HaisiTianlai· Boao music BBS.


Liri Witness A Wonderful Sound in Hainan

The greatest show in this Music Forum—HaisiTianlai· Boao music BBS began at night on 24th.As the appointed tent supplier, we finished a 2000 people capacity tent in advance, and this tent curtain is in white color and red color alternately, make this Musice Forum Tent looks brightness and full of vitality.

This night, scenery over 12 kilometre is twinkleing by the beautiful tent and colorful lighting. Audiences inside the tent,rolling acoustic wave at the scene, play a angelic music resound through Hainan. Also the sound from curtain waveing come into the
angelic music make a great impression for every honored guest.