10×10 Party Wedding Marquee

Canopy DIY Wedding Marquee for Sale

Liri Structure designs and manufactures the canopy wedding marquee, which is widely used for European-style outdoor wedding ceremonies and party events.

Canopy wedding marquees can create a low-key and luxurious atmosphere because of the high peak. You have firmly strong feelings of happiness when holding a wedding or banquet in a dreaming canopy wedding marquee hall.

Liri offers various options for you. As the roof cover, you can choose white or other kinds of colors. For the sidewalls, ABS wall, sandwich wall, and tempered glass walls are available.

Also, Liri structure offers one-stop services for various optional accessories to make the canopy wedding marquee looks more beautiful and more professional for a wedding, such as the decorative roof lining & sidewalls curtains, banquet tables & chairs, flooring system and so on.

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