20 X 50 Marquee Tent for Outdoor Party

When it comes to the seaside, people will associate it with exposure to sunlight. Ordinary sun umbrellas can block out sunlight in small areas, but cannot be used as outdoor party venues in large areas. This time, Liri Structure solved this problem with the 20 x 50m marquee tent at the seaside, meeting the demand for larger outdoor party spaces. Our marquee tent adopts a modular design that can be customized to fit the size of the venue. The PVC roof cover of the tent effectively isolates ultraviolet rays, keeping the indoor temperature cooler and providing guests with a more comfortable environment.

The 20 x 50m marquee tent is surrounded by glass walls to create a transparent indoor effect. There is no need for auxiliary lighting during the day, and natural light can be used to meet the indoor lighting effect. You can also enjoy the seaside scenery indoors and avoid direct sunlight exposure. The design without pillars inside the tent allows for full utilization of indoor space, allowing for free indoor layout and division of areas for different purposes. The prefabricated design enhances the plasticity of the overall tent, and various electrical appliances such as lighting systems, air conditioning, sound systems, and electronic screens can be installed according to needs.

In order to create a better effect on seaside parties, wooden floors are also laid indoors, and installing the curtains enhances the indoor atmosphere. Regardless of the style, you can freely design and create a unique party scene. Especially when the lights are lit at night, the glass doors and windows on both sides will appear more open and transparent, spreading the atmosphere throughout the entire venue. Our party marquee tent is suitable for outdoor environments such as grass and cement fields, as well as on the beach. We can provide you with better outdoor party marquee tents no matter where you are.

20 X 50 Party Marquee Tent Video

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